Digital Communications Professional Jobs

Customers today want to have better interaction with brands. 81 percent of customers believe that they may buy another product from a brand if they have a good customer service experience with them.

To improve interactions between customers and brands, companies design digital media campaigns and create winning digital content strategies. They hire digital communications professionals to support everything related to digital communications. 

In this article, we have elaborated on what digital communication professionals are, what they do, what skills they have, and how you can become one. 

What are digital communications professionals?

A digital communications professional, also called digital media specialist, is a person responsible for using digital media platforms including social media, websites, emails, etc. to reach customers and share information with them. 

He builds a positive reputation of the company within consumer market to promote its services and establish long-term relationships with customers. He may work with public relations, social media, customer service, and sales teams to set realistic goals and develop better digital communication strategies. 

What are common duties of digital communications professionals?

Due to the varying nature of this job, a digital communications professional may perform different tasks in different companies. Some of the common roles he plays include: 

Set achievable digital communication goals

In order to build a successful digital communication strategy, a digital communications professional first determines what he wants to achieve through it. He creates communication goals that align well with the company’s 

His goals maybe around: 

Increasing the rate of conversion 

Increasing brand awareness 

Growing number of followers 

Building online forums 

Sharing authentic information with audience 

Create digital communications strategy

Plan communication campaigns 

Manage multiple digital media platforms 

Create online communities 

Work with digital and sales teams 

Help with the digital material development 

Optimize digital content 

Evaluate analytics to prepare reports 

Facilitate dispute resolution 

Monitor and manage online reputation 


What skills you need to have to become a digital communications professional?

Hard skills 

Digital media 



Content writing 

Content designing 


Soft skills 



Passion for learning 



What else you need to be a digital communications professional?


What is the average salary of digital communications professionals?