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Why get a Social Media job?

If you are contemplating getting a new job in social media you should understand the different social media job roles available, please check our our social media job roles list below.

Here are three reasons you should get a job in social media:

1)  Demand for social media / community managers is growing.

If you are looking at working in social media you’ve made a good choice, the social media marketing sector is booming and there are not enough experts to fill all the job positions. Experis have reported there has been an increasing demand for permanent and contract social media and digital marketing professionals, as much as a 42% rise. This high demand for social media and digital marketing experts is a sign of the times that every business realises the importance of digital marketing and engaging with customers through social channels. Accordingly to Marketing Week, demand for social media advertising has increased by 45.9%, proficiency in Instagram is up 28.4%, social media optimisation has grown by 26.2%, and knowledge of LinkedIn is up 25.7% as of February 2022.

2)  Social media job salaries are increasing.

Globally there is high demand for candidates with digital marketing skills. Payscale, a company that researches average salaries by industry and job role shows social media job role salaries range from £20k to £90k depending on the experience and seniority of the role. Due to the skill shortage these salaries are set to rise by 10-15% in the next few years as companies try to bid for the best talent.

3) Career options in social media are vast.

There are a huge range of job roles available in the world of social media and the list is ever growing. One of the more common roles is a social media manager or community manager of which most of us have heard of, however because of the rise of new social media platforms like TikTok other roles have come become available like content modderator or social media video producer. Check out our list of social media job roles below, we’ve listed around 40 of the most common types of jobs you can get in social media and explained what each job is about on the pages above.

FAQ for Candidates:

Q: Will this site help me find a good job in the Social Media industry?

A: Yes! We have hundreds of jobs listed, covering a wide range of specialist social media / digital marketing job roles, check out the full list of roles above.

Q: I want to write a personalised message / cover letter as well as attaching my CV when I apply for a job, is that possible?

A: Yes! When you apply for a job, simply fill out the form we provide when you click the ‘Apply’ button and you will get to an area to upload your CV and write your cover letter. If you already have a cover letter written in Word or PDF, simply copy the text into the box on screen to include it in your application.

Q: Do you offer any CV writing tips and guidelines?

A: We certainly do, check out our blog post on writing a good CV.

Q: How can I get into Social Media as a career?

A: Check out our blog post on how to get a job in social media and a students guide on social media jobs.

Q: I am an absolute beginner, can I still get into social media?

A: Anyone can get into social media. First we would suggest registering your own personal social media accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter and Instagram. Each social media platform allows you to express yourself differently and connect with similar minded individuals. Figure out which platform you like best and what you like to do on the platform, this will allow you to focus your job search into an area that interests you and that you think you could do well at for a career in social media.

FAQ for Recruiters:

Q: How popular is this site and will I find a candidate for my job vacancy here?

A: This website is ranked highly on Google/Yahoo/Bing search engines and receives a large volume of hits from candidates looking to find their perfect job, post a job and see for yourself, you will get CVs emailed straight to your inbox and all jobs are live for 90 days.

Q: I want to promote the job I have on offer, how can I do this?

A: Simply head over to the recruiters page to post a social media or digital marketing job to and get started.

Q: Do you offer discount for bulk job posts?

A: We certainly do, get in touch with us and we can offer you a better price if you wish to post multiple jobs at once.