Social Media Coordinator Jobs

According to the latest analysis, more than 58% of the world’s population uses different social media platforms. Due to the social media user growth, businesses now consider social platforms a great way of connecting with customers and boosting sales.  

More and more companies are now hiring social media pros to handle their social media profiles and improve their social media presence. 

A social media coordinator works in the social media marketing team and establishes cooperation between team members to ensure everyone is working towards the same goals.

In this article, we have talked about social media coordinators, their roles, skills, salary, and much more. Learning about all these things will help you find if this career is the right choice for you or not.

What is a social media coordinator?

A social media coordinator is responsible for handling the flow of information between different social media teams, such as teams of social media designers, social media writers, social media marketers, etc. 

In large organizations, it is common for some areas of the organization to become disengaged from other areas. A social media coordinator encourages cooperation and makes sure information keeps flowing smoothly, so that the company can achieve its social media-related goals.

Due to the nature of the job, a social media coordinator plays many other roles. He communicates with social media content creators and oversees campaign schedules as well as results to see if all teams are going in the same direction. He helps in designing, executing, and monitoring social media strategies. He may also generate and publish content or run campaigns.

Social media coordinator skills

Employees look for the following core skills in social media coordinators.

Communication skills

You should have excellent written and verbal communication skills, so you can work closely with different teams and transfer information from one team to the other. You should also be able to develop a lasting relationship between a brand and its customers.

This skill will also help you understand the needs of the social media manager and share those needs/requirements with team members.

Time management and multitasking

As a social media coordinator, you will have to manage the daily activities of teams and keep an eye on their work to ensure everyone is working according to the set goals. You should know how to manage multiple tasks in a specific time period.


A social media coordinator should be able to diagnose the problem with the social media content or campaign, find its solution, implement the solution and analyze its effects. Instead of panicking about the problem, the problem-solving ability allows his to look for the solution.  

Positive outlook

A positive attitude towards work helps a social media coordinator handle different situations calmly. It also helps him keep the entire team motivated and positive.  


You should know how to maintain coordination between teams, give them constructive feedback to encourage their growth, and provide guidance when they are confused between different content ideas or marketing-related tasks.

Detail-oriented approach

You should be able to pay close attention to different forms of content to make sure they have a consistent tone, design, or format. You should be able to identify flaws in social media content and edit it as per the need.

Passion for social media

You should have knowledge of popular social media platforms and know how you can use them to help the brand reach its target audience and increase leads, conversions, and sales. You should be able to find creative ways of improving the company’s social media profiles.

In-depth SEO knowledge

SEO practices help businesses boost their range in search engine results. You should know what the most effective practices are and how you can use them to make social media posts appear in front of a vast audience.

Knowledge of social media marketing techniques

You should know how to run social media campaigns and use marketing tactics to promote the products and services of the company.

Ability to come up with engaging content ideas

Though content creation is the role of writers and designers, you should still know how to write concise content that can grab your audience’s attention and increase post engagement. You should be able to help content creators find better content ideas.

What does a social media coordinator do?

A social coordinator performs several duties. Here are the basic roles he plays in an organization.

  • Meet the social media manager and discuss social media-related goals to identify what the team needs to do to improve overall sales and revenue.
  • Explain all the needs, requirements, and goals to the social media team.
  • Assign each team member a particular task. For instance, he would tell the designers to use a trendy design, color, or theme to design more attractive posts for social channels. Or, he will tell the marketing team to run a campaign or ad for a particular product or service.
  • Develop an optimal posting schedule to make sure content is consistently and regularly posted on each social media profile.
  • Conduct online research and find ideas for increasing post engagement. If he is using Instagram, he may use Instagram Stories and grid posts that are the most popular Insta post forms and used by 83% and 93% of marketing influences, respectively.
  • Check the performance of each team member and make sure they finalize their work before the deadline.
  • Observe campaign analytics and find what worked and what did not.
  • Create a campaign report to share the analytics and results with others.
  • Discuss results with the social media manager and inform him about the success rate or shortcomings.
  • Get feedback from the social media manager and let the team know about it. Make necessary amendments to the content and marketing strategies according to the manager’s feedback or suggestions.
  • Learn about the emerging technologies, social media trends, and features to ensure his team makes the best use of them. TikTok noticed 18.3% user growth in 2021, which was the highest growth compared to all other social media channels. A social media marketing coordinator keeps an eye on such stats and gets ideas from them to plan a better social media strategy.
  • Have an online conversation with customers to listen to their problems and suggest suitable solutions. Today, customer service has become more important than ever. More than 54% of all global consumers believe that their customer service expectations are now more than what they used to be one year ago. Therefore, a social media marketing coordinator engages in conversations to ensure customers’ queries are resolved as soon as possible.
  • Since 93% of marketers worldwide use social media for businesses, people working in a team of social media marketing pros must understand how they can help the brand improve with their social media skills. Therefore, a social media coordinator helps coworkers understand social media and its importance through training.

How to become a social media coordinator?

Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how you can become a successful social coordinator.

  1. Get a suitable degree: Your qualification is the first thing that potential employees will check. Make sure you have at least a bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject. A master’s degree would definitely be a plus point for you.
  2. Learn different social media skills side by side: Your qualification is not enough to get a job as a social media coordinator. You need to learn social media skills as well to make yourself more marketable. Skills that most employers look for are SEO, social media marketing, content curation, writing, designing, and communication.  
  3. Practice your skills on your social media business profiles: Learning skills won’t take you anywhere if you don’t practice them or you are not confident in your skills. Explore all the social media skills you have learned so far by building your social media profiles and increasing their likes, comments, shares, and engagement.  
  4. Work for small businesses to gain experience: Working under the supervision of a manager will allow you to learn better. You will also learn skills, manners, and etiquette of working in an office.
  5. Join the company you have always dreamt of working for: If you have a company in mind where you want to work, follow the social media profiles of that company to learn about its job vacancies. You can find jobs on job search websites as well, where employees post new jobs almost every other day. Glassdoor, Monster, Indeed, FlexJobs, and LinkedIn are some platforms you should check to find a job.

How much does a social media coordinator make?

A social media coordinator makes around $60,544/year average total salary in the US. It consists of a $43,108/year base salary and a $17,437/year additional salary. Your salary may be higher than this if you have years of experience and know several skills.

How many hours do social media coordinators work?

A social coordinator works for around 8 hours per day. The working hours may be more if you are working on a project whose deadline is approaching, or if there is an upcoming function in the company that requires more of your attention.

What is the difference between a social media coordinator and social media manager?

Some businesses may use both terms for the same position, but both titles are different and given to people with different roles and responsibilities.

A social media coordinator manages cooperation between different social media teams to make sure the project runs smoothly. He is assigned different tasks by the social media manager. Some examples of the tasks that a coordinator may perform daily include workflow management, deadline monitoring, etc.

On the other hand, a social media manager sets marketing goals, assigns tasks to team heads, and establishes a social media marketing budget. He is on a higher post than a social media coordinator. 

A social media coordinator may move into a social media manager position with time.

Social media coordinator interview questions

Here are the common social media coordinator interview questions and their answers.

Which qualities make a good social media coordinator?

To answer this question, you should read the job description posted by the company and find which qualities the employer wants his social media coordinator to have. Mention some qualities from that job description and add some qualities or skills that you already have.

Explain your work experience.

Tell the interviewer about the companies you have worked for or the projects you have successfully run. Try to convince him that you are truly experienced for this position. 

Don’t be shy if you don’t have previous experience. If you have all the skills the employer needs, he may ignore the fact that you have never worked before and still give you a chance.

What do you think about our social media activities?

This question is asked to check if you are truly prepared for this specific interview, or if you have just prepared some basic interview questions that you answer at each interview. So, check the social media profiles of the company before you go for the interview.

How do you determine the success rate of a social media campaign?

Tell them that you first set social media campaign goals and then run the campaign according to those goals. You track some metrics (name these metrics) and then draw results. You compare results with goals to determine how successful the campaign was.

How do you manage multiple tasks every day?

Name the tools and techniques you use to handle multiple activities. You can tell them that you create a strategy or plan and then follow it to manage your work. Learn the names of popular tools that social media managers and strategists use. Mention some of these tools to show that you are aware of the technology as well.


Social media coordinators are important members of social media marketing teams who assign different tasks to team members and monitor daily tasks. They create campaign reports to inform the social media manager and other members of management about the latest updates.

If you are good at communication, problem-solving, and coordination, being a social media coordinator might be the right career choice for you.