Facebook Jobs

Facebook has over 2.93 billion active users and is considered the most used social media channel in the world. Over 160 million businesses use this platform to reach their target audience and increase sales.

It creates innumerable job opportunities for people around the world. As a Facebook professional, you can join a company to improve its Facebook performance or work as a freelancer to independently offer certain Facebook services to your clients.

In this article, we will talk about the most common Facebook jobs. We will also discuss the best Facebook practices and skills you must know to make the most out of this platform.

Important Facebook statistics for professionals

If you want to improve your Facebook skills and help businesses increase their sales, you must be well-versed in the following statistics about Facebook.

  • The age of Facebook’s largest audience ranges from 25 to 34 years.
  • There are around 1.96 billion Facebook users who visit this platform daily.
  • 59% of the total social media users use Facebook, making it the king of all social media channels.
  • Facebook users spend around 19.5 hours on this platform monthly.
  • Around 86% of US marketers promote products through Facebook ads.
  • Around 36% of Facebook users make a purchase on this platform.

Facebook jobs

Companies hire employees to handle different Facebook activities and meet their social media goals. Here are the most common Facebook-related jobs in the world.

Facebook ads specialists: They are marketing and ads experts who develop, run, and analyze advertising campaigns to promote products and services.

Facebook campaign managers: They set clear campaign goals and ensure they are achieved on time. They formulate campaign strategies, discussing their target audience, ad type, budget, and key message.

Facebook Marketplace experts: Facebook Marketplace is a platform designed to help connect sellers with buyers. Marketplace experts know all about this platform. They understand the purpose of each marketplace feature and also know when to use it. They help brands connect with their target audience and increase sales.

Facebook analysts: They dive deep into the online data to discover the latest trends and analyze their competitors. They study the performance of Facebook content, ads, and marketing efforts and develop results reports.

Directors of Facebook marketing: They are high-level professionals responsible for overseeing marketing-related activities of the company they work for.

Facebook SEO experts: They optimize Facebook business profiles, daily posts, and ads to obtain higher rankings in the search engine. They use different SEO techniques to help companies keep up with their competitors.   

Facebook content creators: They produce different forms of content, including videos, reels, images, GIFs, etc., according to their target audience’s preferences. They use their writing and communication skills to convey messages to their audience in the best possible way.

Facebook marketing executives: They conduct research to find which marketing materials and techniques their competitors are using. They oversee marketing campaigns and all other marketing efforts of the company to promote products and services.

Facebook managers: They supervise all Facebook-related activities, including content production, editing, designing, marketing, and communication. They establish a brand’s identity and maintain its positive image.

Facebook creative designers: They design Facebook posts, including images and videos, to ensure they are appealing. They communicate information using different visual concepts and design elements.

Facebook customer service specialists: They interact with their customers on a daily basis to answer their queries and help resolve conflicts. Their ultimate goal is to provide exceptional customer experience and build lasting customer relationships.

Facebook content strategists: They develop content strategies that help meet content marketing goals and generate leads. In strategies, they explain when and what to create on Facebook.

Facebook marketing strategists: They are marketing experts who design and plan marketing strategies. They optimize marketing efforts and collaborate with other teams to ensure strategies are executed the right way.

Facebook marketing and ads managers: They oversee marketing and campaign-related activities of the Facebook team. They develop reports to compare the performance of ongoing campaigns with the previous ones. They may adjust key elements of campaigns based on their performance.

Facebook skills you need in 2023


It is important for a Facebook professional to have strong written and oral communication skills. They allow you to effectively represent a brand on a global stage and engage with your customers. 

You also need these skills to put your ideas into words, establish a good work relationship with your colleagues, and share feedback during business meetings.

Digital marketing

If you want to take your career to the next level and become the best Facebook professional, you should learn digital marketing skills such as SEO, SEM, and paid social advertising.

These skills will allow you to craft a killer Facebook strategy, connect with your audience, increase sales, and generate more revenue.


Although audio and video content dominates social media, written content is still highly important. 

You cannot make your audience click on a video link if the title or headline is not captivating. Hence, you must know how to talk to different kinds of audiences using different tones and writing styles. You should know how to write informative Facebook posts, concise copies, and attention-grabbing headings.

Customer care

Customer care skills are important for long-term business success. Data shows that 81% of customers believe they may buy more products from a brand after having a positive customer experience.

Good customer service allows brands to help both prospective and existing customers and eventually gain their loyalty. Hence, as a Facebook professional, you should know how to answer their queries, understand their concerns, listen to their demands, and offer solutions.

Data analysis

Data analysis tells you how well your strategies, content, and marketing efforts are performing. Through it, you can also learn about your competitor’s strategies.

Therefore, a Facebook professional must know how to study and draw conclusions from data. You should also know how to design data reports to share the gathered information with your colleagues.

Relationship building

Establishing and maintaining relationships with customers and market experts is essential for your success.

When you connect with your customers the right way, they will more likely increase their spending with your brand and become your regular customers. Similarly, you must know how to approach Facebook influencers and build lasting relationships with them. You should also be able to communicate with market experts to get better business ideas and find new opportunities.

The best Facebook practices

Engage with your audience the right way

There are different ways to interact with your audience. One of the best methods is to frequently share question-based posts or request your audience to share their experiences. It helps increase post engagement and customer brand bonding.

On the flip side, you should avoid adding external links to your post, as they produce the least engagement rate compared to other posts.

Stay in touch with your customers using Facebook Messenger

Your customers are your most precious asset. When you respond to their messages on time and communicate clearly, you show them how valuable they are, which eventually helps improve customer retention rates.

Facebook Messenger offers many useful features to help brands answer their audience 24/7 without being available in real time. You can use saved replies and set up automated responses to answer your audience’s most frequently asked questions. This way, you will never miss a prospect, even when you are offline.

Use Facebook analytics to evaluate performance

Up your marketing game by studying analytics and finding out how your strategies are performing. Facebook analytics shows you how your current marketing and content strategies are doing and what needs to be improved.

It allows you to learn about the factors that are influencing your customers’ and potential customers’ buying decisions. It also gives insights into what strategies your competitors are using. With Facebook analytics, you can craft more personalized events for our audiences and boost your sales.

Increase your visibility through Facebook groups

Facebook groups and communities can be very effective in generating positive word of mouth and increasing your page’s visibility.

Create Facebook groups and build a community of loyal customers who can invite potential customers to the group and help you reach a highly engaged audience.

Harness the power of video content

Video content is one of the top-performing content forms on Facebook. Data suggests that 46% of social media users in the US come on the platform to watch videos. You can attract this audience by sharing what they like the most.

You can create different forms of videos to achieve different goals. For instance, if a brand is launching a new product, you can create an educational video to inform its audience how to use that product the right way. You can organize a question-and-answer live session to develop a deeper connection with your audience.   

If you are already sharing videos on other social media channels, you can also post the same content on Facebook.

How to get a Facebook job?

Here is how you can apply for a Facebook-related job.

  • Grow your own Facebook presence

You should start by building your Facebook presence to show your potential clients you know what you are doing. You can publish content about anything that you find interesting, and it has a scope. Doing so will allow you to explore Facebook features and improve your skills through practice.  

  • Earn a bachelor’s degree

While a bachelor’s degree may not be necessary for some Facebook jobs, having it offers multiple benefits. It will allow you to interact with market experts and learn new things from them. It will also help you find new job opportunities.

You should earn a degree in a relevant field, such as marketing, communication, social media, and advertising. It may increase your chances of getting the job.

  • Complete relevant courses

A Facebook job involves wearing many hats. You should have multiple skills, including writing, editing, marketing, etc., to excel in this field. To learn these skills, you can complete relevant courses. There are many paid and free courses available on the internet. Start with free courses available on YouTube, Udemy, and Coursera.

  • Acquire experience

While completing your degree, you can gain experience by doing internships. Student organizations at universities help connect students with organizations that offer internship opportunities. You can also look for these opportunities on online job websites.

  • Make your resume standout

Now that you have a bachelor’s degree, work experience, and skills required for the job, you should prepare your resume to apply for your dream job. Since there is high competition, you should make your resume standout and make a good first impression on potential employers.

Keep the following tips in mind while creating your resume.

  • Add power and personality to your resume by writing a human-voiced resume. If you are applying for a designer’s position, make your resume visually attractive. Similarly, if you are applying for a writer’s job, keep your resume concise by using only a few yet effective words.  
  • Read the job description carefully and change your resume according to it while applying for every job.
  • Highlight your practical knowledge and work experience.
  • Write results you have achieved for other companies to show that your strategies and efforts work.
  • Apply for the job

Now that everything is ready, you should start looking for a Facebook job that suits your requirements. Indeed, LinkedIn and company websites are the best places you should use to find jobs.

Summary – Facebook jobs

Being the 7th most valuable global brand, Facebook provides innumerable job opportunities to people worldwide.

You can use the platform to help brands reach their target audience or build and run your own brand. Whatever path you choose, you need important skills like writing, communication, social media marketing, and data analysis to be a successful professional.

If you are planning to start a Facebook job, we suggest you first build your own Facebook business account and use it to attract clients. You can also use your profile as a portfolio to showcase your skills and capabilities to your prospective clients.