Instagram Jobs

With over 1.35 billion monthly active users, Instagram is considered one of the most popular social media channels in the world. The platform is evolving fast, introducing valuable features to help brands and content creators reach a wider audience and build a long-lasting community.

A rise in Instagram usage has generated numerous job opportunities. Managing online data, creating Instagram ads, and sharing online content has created a need for employees worldwide.

If you are interested in Instagram jobs and want to learn more about them, this article will guide you about what job opportunities this platform provides and what their expected salaries are.

Instagram jobs

Instagram manager

Instagram managers are professionals responsible for managing Instagram content, ads, and engagement to ensure the brand meets all its Instagram-related goals. They maintain the brand image and help it grow on Instagram.

When working for a large organisation, they usually supervise a team of Instagram experts, including content writers, editors, designers, publishers, and marketers. However, they may handle all the Instagram-related tasks themselves if the company is small and cannot afford to hire more employees.
Expected salary in the US: According to Indeed data, an Instagram manager can earn around $166,496 per year in the US.

Instagram influencer

Instagram influencers are Instagram celebrities who create content around a certain niche and have well-established credibility. They hold the power to influence buying decisions of their followers.

They collaborate with brands and get paid for publishing promotional content. They announce sales, promotions, product launches, and new developments through their content.

There are different kinds of influencers based on the kind of content they produce, for instance, photographers, bloggers, vloggers, and activists.  
Expected salary in the US: The salary of Instagram influencers mainly depends on how many followers they have. The more followers you have, the higher your salary will be.

According to Glassdoor, the estimated salary of influencers is around $126,891 per year.

Instagram coordinator

Instagram coordinators are responsible for collaborating with other teams like Instagram marketing, content creation, and product development teams. They ensure all teams are on the same page and they are working towards the same goal.

Instagram coordinators wear many hats. They suggest creative ways to promote a brand and attract customers. They help with Instagram strategy development. They also provide unique content ideas to increase post engagement.  
Expected salary in the US: The average salary of an Instagram coordinator is around $44,892 per year.

Instagram content strategist

As the name indicates, Instagram content strategists are responsible for developing content strategies to help the brand generate leads and achieve its marketing objectives.

Their primary goal is to plan content that matches a brand’s voice and publish it on Instagram at the best time when a majority of its followers are active. They may also oversee the activities of content creators, editors, designers, and publishers to make sure they are working according to the strategy.

Instagram content strategists discuss the following elements in a strategy.

  • Strategy goals
  • Potential content ideas
  • Time to publish content
  • Editorial guidelines
  • Key performance indicators

Expected salary in the US: Instagram content strategists can make around $71,752 annually in the US.

Instagram designer

Instagram designers use their graphic designing skills to design different forms of Instagram content, including images, reels, ads, and videos. They make the content look catchy, so Instagram users can stop scrolling and give full attention to what they see.

Instagram designers understand the goals of content strategy and then design the content accordingly. They know what their target audience likes and dislikes, so they design posts according to their preferences.

Creative people who like exploring new ideas and have good graphic designing skills are good candidates for this position.
Expected salary in the US: An average Instagram graphic designer can earn around $46,149 per year in the US.

Instagram content editor

It is essential for businesses to edit their content before publishing it on social media to ensure it is error-free and according to the content strategy. And this is what Instagram content editors do.

They proofread, edit, and review all forms of content, including written and visual content. They also supervise the content design, tone, and style to make sure it matches the content style published on other platforms.

People with good writing, graphic designing, and proofreading skills are considered suitable candidates for this position.
Expected salary in the US: The expected salary of Instagram content editors in the US is approximately $53,943 per year.

Instagram content producer

Instagram producers create, curate, and distribute content on Instagram to generate meaningful customer connections and promote brand awareness. They supervise the work of content writers, graphic designers, and content editors. They review content before it is published on social media.

Instagram content producers are answerable to Instagram managers. They inform them about the performance of different forms of content and campaigns.
Expected salary in the US: The salary of Instagram content producers and other professionals depends on different factors such as their education, skills, certification, and work experience.

Data suggests that Instagram content producers can earn around $59,722 per year.

Instagram communication professional

Communication professionals are responsible for building and maintaining relationships between customers and brands. They have exceptional written and spoken communication skills that they use to communicate within and outside the office.

They respond to customers’ messages, comments and complaints. They resolve their queries to help them make the most out of their products. In addition to this, they share information with different teams and communicate messages between them.
Expected salary in the US: The estimated total salary of Instagram communication professionals is approximately $57,695 per year in the US.

Instagram director

Instagram directors play numerous roles in an organisation. They are mainly responsible for brand development through Instagram. They understand their target audience, design marketing and content strategies, and set clear goals to boost conversions.

It is a high-level job, and all the Instagram managers and assistant managers are answerable to directors. You need at least 6 to 8 years of work experience to apply for this position.
Expected salary in the US: The annual salary of Instagram directors is around $67,995 in the US. It could be more or less, depending on where you live and the size of the company.

Instagram assistant

Instagram assistants work closely with all Instagram team members to help them successfully create, manage, and execute content and marketing strategies.

They conduct competitor research to find out what their rivals are doing. They amend their strategies after seeing where their competitors are standing in the market.

They also understand other popular social platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok. They need to work with social media teams to ensure they all are producing consistent content targeting the same audience.  
Expected salary in the US: On average, in the US, Instagram assistants make roughly $44,134 per year.

Instagram marketer

Instagram marketers play a crucial role in a company. They are marketing specialists who use Instagram to reach new customers, boost brand awareness, and increase sales.

They identify the target audience so they can create content and ads according to their taste. They also develop Instagram marketing strategies according to the company’s main objectives. They work with content creators and designers to produce high-quality captivating content.

Instagram marketers run campaigns and monitor key performance indicators to analyse how campaigns are performing. They use social listening tools to check the reputation of the brand and find what people are saying about it.
Expected salary in the US: Instagram marketers make approximately $53,964 per year in the US.

Instagram analyst

Instagram analysts know how to comprehend and analyse online data. They use their analytical skills to continually assess how different campaigns and content forms are performing. They primarily evaluate the following metrics.

  • User engagement rate
  • Post impressions
  • Audience growth rate
  • Conversion rate
  • Click-through rate
  • Social share of voice (SSoV)
  • Virality rate
  • Video views
  • Video completion rate
  • Customer satisfaction rate

They track important performance indicators and then craft a report to inform the team manager and other professionals what results strategies are generating and what needs to be improved. They offer suggestions to content producers, designers, editors and publishers to ensure better results are obtained next time.
Expected salary in the US: Data suggests that Instagram analysts earn around $71,017 per year in the US. Their salary may range from $61,575 to $83,953, depending on their work experience and qualification.

Instagram associate

Instagram associates oversee all Instagram activities of the organisation. They ensure content is regularly produced and published. They manage Instagram promotions and advertisements and, find their results. They review analytics and provide recommendations to improve future ads.  
Expected salary in the US: Instagram associates earn around $46,240 per year in the US.

Instagram moderator

Instagram has recently launched a moderator option for its live streams to help streamers create quality content and easily handle multiple activities while live streaming. Moderators are allowed to perform the following tasks:

  • Report comments
  • Remove viewers from the live video
  • Turn off the comment option for certain viewers

A moderator must know what their clients like or dislike, so they can remove people who use inappropriate language from a live stream.
Expected salary in the US: An Instagram moderator can earn around $39,894 per year in the US.

Instagram best practices 2023

Post at the best time

Data suggests that the perfect time to post on Instagram is from 6 am to 9 am and then from 12 pm to 2 pm. It is the time when several users across the US are most active on Instagram, so when you post during these hours, your chances of increasing post visibility and engagement significantly increase.

However, the best posting time can vary depending on several factors, such as your audience, location, and industry type. We suggest you test different posting times before you choose one.

Stay on top of the new trends

Instagram is constantly changing. It keeps introducing new features and tools to increase its efficiency.

If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, you should try to stay on top of all the changes and tools. Making the latest trends a part of your marketing strategy will allow you to retain the interest of your followers and increase engagement.

Keep your Instagram feed consistent

Visuals matter a lot on Instagram. You need high-quality, attractive images and videos to gain your audience’s attention. Additionally, you should use colours and visuals that best match your brand’s personality. Try to maintain a consistent look of your feed, as it will help you increase your brand’s authority and customer loyalty.

Use product tags to increase sales

Millions of people use Instagram to shop weekly. Stats suggest that 35% of Instagram users will use this platform to purchase a product in 2023.

One of the best ways to attract potential customers is to make the most of product tags. Businesses that use this feature have 37% more sales compared to those who don’t use it. You can use these tags in different ways in your Insta stories, posts, reels, and ads.

Understand your audience

To develop a deeper connection with your audience, you must first understand their needs, likes, dislikes, lifestyle, etc.

You should try to notice your audience’s actions to find what they expect from you. You can also use social media analytics tools to determine what content formats your audience likes the most and which approaches increase post engagement.

Finding answers to these questions will allow you to adapt your content and marketing strategies based on what your audience likes.

Summing it up – Instagram jobs

Instagram is the 4th most liked and used social media channel in the world, and it has more than 200 million businesses promoting their services and products.

The platform provides several job opportunities to people worldwide. If you have good Instagram, communication and marketing skills, you should go for suitable Instagram jobs. They offer many growth opportunities, chances to explore your creativity, and competitive salaries.