Digital Media Supervisor Jobs

A digital media supervisor is an important part of an organization as he maintains morale, a sense of responsibility, and productivity among digital media staff. He plays several significant roles. These roles aim to bring stability and success to a company.

Read this article to learn about digital media supervisors in detail.

Digital media supervisor

A digital media supervisor oversees day-to-day activities of all digital media team members, including digital media content creator, designer, developer, etc. 

He directs others, reviews their activities, and guides them whenever they need assistance. He is mainly responsible for maintaining a healthy work environment to increase the productivity of all digital media teams or employees of all levels and get better results.

What are the day-to-day activities of a digital media supervisor?

A digital media supervisor plays diverse roles. Some of these roles include:

Oversee workflow

A digital media supervisor has to manage the workflow of all digital media teams to get the work done. He is aware of the qualifications and capabilities of all team members, so he knows who the right candidate for each task is. 

He documents and tracks the performances of digital media teams to ensure that desired results are achieved on time.

Train new employees

A digital media supervisor is responsible for training new hires. He helps them understand the policies, goals, and objectives of the company and what their role and responsibilities would be. He provides them with the guidance and information they need to settle into the new company quickly.

Report to senior management

A digital media supervisor analyzes and evaluates the performance of each team member. He records their disciplinary issues, punctuality, and routine work, then reports everything to senior management to tell them how everything is going. 

He may also have to prepare performance improvement programs for employees who need to work on their productivity and skills.

Give a constructive feedback

One of the main responsibilities of a supervisor is to provide employees with positive feedback based on their performance to help them do better next time. He designs a reward system to encourage everyone. For instance, if a digital marketer exceeds the sales target, he may receive a bonus from the supervisor.

Identify and resolve conflicts

Team conflicts can arise for several reasons, including disagreement over goals, communication problems, etc. They can be unpleasant and sometimes toxic; hence, it is crucial to resolve them before they impact a team’s overall performance.

A digital media supervisor listens to both parties carefully and offers a suitable solution. If he finds out one party has violated company guidelines, he will most likely talk about it with HR to get the case investigated.

Share information and updates with teams

In many businesses, top-tier employees make decisions that are passed down to lower-tier employees so that everyone can be on the same page.

A digital media employee works as a messenger between top-tier and lower-tier employees. He attends meetings conducted by higher-level professionals such as directors, gathers information, and then schedules a meeting with lower-tier employees to pass the information to them.

Enforce ethical behavior

It is the responsibility of a digital media supervisor to enforce a code of ethics to build stronger workplace relationships and improve the reputation of the company. He undertakes several steps to retain orderliness and discipline. Some of these steps may include:

  • Highlighting the company’s priorities
  • Creating a reward system
  • Giving penalties
  • Ensuring privacy for employees who reveal an unethical activity performed by another employee

Analyze social media platforms

A digital media supervisor oversees all the social media platforms to evaluate the company’s online reputation.

He checks online reviews, comments, and messages of customers or potential customers to see what they are saying about the company’s services and products. He may also offer suitable suggestions to digital media teams on how to catch the target audience’s attention, increase reach, and improve reputation.

Check emails and websites

He is also responsible for examining the performance of the company’s websites and responding to important emails daily.

He uses his analytical skills to track key performance indicators (KPIs) such as the number of visitors per page, bounce rate, conversion rate, and average time on page. He has good communication skills, which help him craft attractive emails and get the message across effectively.

What are the required skills for a digital media supervisor?

A digital media supervisor possesses several soft and hard skills. He reflects upon his skills to find which skills need to be improved. He keeps learning new things to become an even better digital media supervisor.

A digital media supervisor needs to have the following skills to get a good job and direct several employees.  

Digital media: Digital media is a combination of technology, content, art, and design. Any digital media professional must possess a number of digital media skills to succeed. Digital media supervisors need to be aware of video production, content writing, graphic design, web design, and content distribution.

Communication: This skill allows a digital media supervisor to give and receive information, updates, and feedback. It helps him inform others of their duties and the company’s policies effectively.

Marketing: Marketing is all about promoting your products by satisfying your customers and gaining their trust. A digital media supervisor should know how to identify and understand the target audience. He must be able to devise different ways to grab their attention and persuade them to take action.

Leadership: It is the ability through which you make others follow your instructions to achieve a common goal. A digital media supervisor has to lead several teams. He must be confident, self-aware, civic-minded, honest, and passionate to lead several teams successfully.

Teamwork: In order to effectively work with different top-tier and lower-tier employees, you need to show strong teamwork abilities. You need to be a good listener and a good speaker. You should be able to work together with different team members under different circumstances.

Approachability and empathy: You should be easily accessible so that employees can feel comfortable talking to you about workplace issues, conflicts, problems, and questions. As a digital media supervisor, you need to be emotionally intelligent and empathetic to understand the perspectives and emotions of others.

Problem-solving: Conflicts and day-to-day issues can disturb the performance of a team. Therefore, a digital media manager should know how to resolve conflicts and find perfect solutions fast.

Workload management: A digital media supervisor needs to ensure his team’s productivity. He assigns tasks to different team members and then evaluates their performance. He makes sure that all the digital media content is created, published, and distributed on time.

To manage multiple tasks every day, he needs to have excellent workload management skills. He should be able to complete all his day-to-day activities without any delay.

Staff development: Digital media supervisors work on their teams to make them perform better and achieve results fast. They should provide learning opportunities to all team members and motivate them to become their best versions.

Openness to advice: You should be willing to accept feedback and suggestions from others and implement ideas that you find good. It will allow you to evaluate and improve your performance and behavior.

Positivity: It is the key responsibility of a supervisor to create a healthy work environment. As a digital media supervisor, your attitude, manners and behavior can significantly affect your workplace atmosphere. 

If you want to create a positive environment, you need to approach each day with optimism. Show confidence in your team, your strategies, and your plans.

Decision making: A supervisor has to regularly make several decisions for his team. Therefore, you should know how to make a good decision that brings profit to your team and company. 

You should weigh your options and compare their pros and cons to find the best possible solution. While looking for a solution, you should stay unbiased and fair.

What is the expected salary of a digital media supervisor?

Glassdoor data reveals that the expected annual salary of a digital media supervisor is approximately $74,879 per year, consisting of $68,269 base salary and $6,610 additional salary. These numbers represent the expected salary. Your salary may be more or less depending on your location, qualifications, and work experience.

Guide to becoming a digital media supervisor

Step 1: Complete your education

You must complete a college or university education to apply for a digital media supervisor job. Data indicates that 43.6% of supervisors in the US have a bachelor’s degree while the remaining have a high school diploma, associate’s degree, and master’s degree.

Selecting the right major is important as you will be asked about it during your job interview. You must choose a major that prepares you for the supervisor post. Business management, planning, design, digital media, and marketing are suitable majors for people who want to become digital media supervisors.

Step 2: Develop skills a digital media supervisor must have

Recruiters check candidates’ skills after checking their education section in their resumes. You must possess skills that are requested in digital media supervisor job descriptions. Read the above skills section again to see which supervisor skills you have and which you need to learn.

Step 3: Get training

You need to complete 1 to 3 years of on-the-job training. It will help you learn new skills and practice what you have already learned.

Step 4: Learn about the roles and responsibilities of a supervisor

If you want to be a supervisor, you need to know which responsibilities a supervisor is requested to perform. Read the supervisor’s day-to-day activities explained above to find which roles are required for this position.

Step 5: Create a job-winning resume

Finally, when you have gained the education, learned about skills and responsibilities, and received training, it is time to design a job resume that shows recruiters you are the perfect candidate for the digital media supervisor position.

Step 6: Start a job search 

Now that you are ready to be a supervisor, start looking for digital media supervisor vacancies available in nearby companies. If you already have a company in mind, follow their social media profiles to learn about the available vacancies through their social media posts.

Apply for your desired job and prepare well for the interview. Stay confident and show your recruiters you can bring benefit to their company in multiple ways.

Tips to be a successful supervisor

Understand employees

Invest your effort and time in your team members to understand them and establish a strong business relationship with them. It will help you communicate company goals and employees’ roles effectively.  

Set realistic expectations

Set attainable goals for your team and encourage them to show their maximum performance. Expecting perfection from your teams will only result in disappointment or maybe over-criticism from your side. It will discourage your team and negatively influence their productivity.

Be supportive

Teams like getting constructive feedback that allow them to identify their strengths and mistakes. A good digital media supervisor encourages his teams through positive words.

Be a good listener

You need to be an active listener to show your team that you value their point of view and ideas. While talking to an employee, give him your full attention, make eye contact, and show that you are interested in whatever they are saying.

Recognize and reward

When someone performs better, you should acknowledge their achievement and give a reward to encourage them to keep performing better.

Final thoughts

Maintaining peace, productivity, and a healthy work environment can be challenging when tens of employees work together towards a common goal. That is why companies hire digital media supervisors to manage workflow and keep an eye on all digital media teams to ensure they give their best.

If you want to be a digital media supervisor, complete your education, learn the basic skills we have already mentioned above and get training to practice your skills. Prepare a professional CV and apply for the job you have always wanted to have!