TikTok Jobs

TikTok Jobs: Your Complete Guide for 2023

TikTok is considered a rather new social media platform compared to platforms like Facebook and Instagram, yet, it is very popular, particularly among Gen Z. It has over 1 billion active users, and its app has been downloaded over 2 billion times.

TikTok has become a great source of income for businesses and people worldwide. You can use the platform to promote your business, increase the reach of another business, or become a TikTok celebrity (influencer).

If you are planning to start a TikTok job, you have come to the right place. This article will tell you about the most common types of TikTok jobs, required skills, and salary.

Types of TikTok jobs

There are different kinds of TikTok jobs. Each job is different from the others; however, they all have the same goal: to help a business increase its reach, sales, and revenue.

Enlisted below are the most common TikTok jobs and their brief descriptions to help you understand what these roles are about.

TikTok video editors

TikTok is a very competitive platform. Your videos should have high resolution, clear voice, and attention-grabbing content if you want to stay ahead of your competitors.

Companies hire TikTok video editors to convert recorded raw material into a refined finished product that is ready to be published. These professionals add sound effects and special editing effects to bring changes to a video that are invisible to its viewers.

TikTok content moderators

These TikTok professionals review user-generated content to ensure it is according to the platform’s policies. It means they can delete offensive or disturbing comments, videos, and images, such as content showing animal cruelty and hate speech.

They work with content management teams to improve the effectiveness of the ongoing and future content strategy. They also collaborate with supervising departments to ensure violent content is managed on time.

TikTok influencers

TikTok influencers publish relatable TikTok content regularly to establish their credibility through it. Their followers trust their opinions and views, giving influencers the power to change their buying decision.

There are numerous kinds of influencers based on the kind of content they produce. Some examples are gamers, photographers, vloggers, fitness enthusiasts, etc.

Companies and brands hire influencers to publish sponsored posts, share links in post descriptions, or mention their products in videos. Influencers get paid based on how many followers they have and what their post engagement rate is.

TikTok reels producers

They handle and plan every step of the reel production process, including story selection, budgeting, hiring actors, etc. They are highly creative and possess numerous skills required to create captivating reels.

They hire writers to get scripts, directors to handle creative aspects of the reel, actors to perform, and other crews for other activities. They first understand the demands of their clients and then create reels accordingly with the help of other professionals.

TikTok influencer marketing specialists

Influencer marketing is about brands approaching influencers to promote their services or products. It is a highly effective digital marketing form that brands include in their marketing strategies due to its high success rate.

TikTok influencer marketing specialists are hired to develop marketing strategies and find how to make the most out of influencers. They collaborate with marketing teams to oversee marketing projects and increase their success rate.

They have excellent data analytics, market research, and communications skills. They use these skills to not only design their own marketing strategy but also to evaluate marketing strategies of their competitors.

TikTok content creators

Content creators produce different forms of entertaining and informative content for brands to help them connect with their prospective audience.

People often confuse them with influencers. However, they are not the same. Content creators don’t necessarily show their online personalities, while influencers publish content by showing their personalities.

TikTok content creators are hired by brands to generate content ideas and create, edit, and publish content on different social media platforms, including TikTok. They also help with content strategy development.

TikTok video script writers

TikTok video script writers are the individuals who write scripts for TikTok videos and reels. Their main responsibility is to tell a story in the most captivating way to make people watch a video until the end.

They convey the brand message clearly through the script without being very obvious to their audience. They persuade the audience to buy a certain product or take a particular action through their dialogues and storyline.

TikTok business live stream hosts

Brands hire TikTok business live stream hosts to present themselves in front of their audience in real-time. Live stream hosts are confident and communicative individuals who know how to manage their audience and establish direct engagement through live interactions.

They maintain a positive and enthusiastic attitude throughout the live stream. They cooperate with other team members, including content creators, producers, and directors, to plan live video content.

TikTok business managers

They are the leading professionals responsible for overseeing all business operations on TikTok. 

They set business objectives according to a brand’s needs. They share those objectives with other team members to make sure everyone is on the same page and working for the same purpose. They also develop and implement strategies to attain business goals.

TikTok business managers supervise all activities of other employees and talk about their performance with directors. They ensure all employees stay productive and efficient throughout a project.

TikTok specialists

TikTok specialists play many roles in an organization. They plan, implement, and monitor content as well as marketing strategies to attract their target audience and influence their buying decision. Other than that, they know when and how to publish content to have a high post engagement rate.

They analyze stats from time to time to determine how their content and marketing techniques are performing. If strategy results are not as good as their expectations, they may make necessary amendments to it.

TikTok marketers

TikTok marketers mainly develop marketing strategies for brands to reach prospective customers and convert them into regular customers. They ensure their strategies align well with their customers’ needs, business goals, and market demands.

They perform multiple tasks in an organization, including competitor analysis, market research, data analysis, ad campaign development, etc. They are aware of the most commonly used marketing techniques, including SEO, video marketing, brand storytelling, and digital PR.

TikTok data analysts

TikTok data analysts know the technical stuff that other TikTok professionals usually do not understand. They use their analytical skills to collect and interpret data to solve business queries and develop better strategies.

In addition to this, they also develop data reports to share their findings with other team members and managers. They suggest changes to campaigns and strategies based on how they are currently performing and how customers are interacting with them.

TikTok business producers

These individuals work particularly for TikTok businesses to help them use their resources in the best possible way to promote their business on TikTok. They manage many aspects of a business development process.

They wear many hats. Sometimes you will find them planning and organizing video shoots, while other times, you may find them setting a budget or hiring talented employees. 

If you are planning to apply for a similar role, make sure you first learn all the required skills you need to make a TikTok business successful.

TikTok brand ambassadors

TikTok brand ambassadors are TikTok users who become the voice of a brand on this global platform. They create a positive image of the brand, its products, and its services in front of its prospective audience to increase brand awareness and gain customer loyalty.

A TikTok brand ambassador can be a celebrity, an influencer, a content creator, or any other popular individual who people like.

Skills that you need to apply for TikTok jobs

TikTok jobs demand numerous skills. So, if you are planning to apply for one, you should first focus on learning and improving your skill set.

Here are the most common skills employers look for in job candidates.

Creativity: As a TikTok professional, you need to have a creative mind so you can come up with unique content ideas for regular posts and ad campaigns.

Video recording and editing: It is a must-have skill for a TikTok professional. You should know how to use different features of cameras to record a professional quality video and then edit it to make it look flawless and captivating.

Time management: A TikTok professional needs to work on multiple projects and tasks simultaneously. He/she can handle all activities and deliver projects before the deadline if he/she has excellent time management skills.

Analytical skills: These skills will allow you to read, comprehend, and evaluate important TikTok analytics, such as video views, followers, and content overview. You can use your findings to design a better campaign and marketing strategy.

Digital marketing: You need these skills to make your videos and reels rank higher in the search engine and reach a wider audience.

Strategy planning: It allows professionals to identify business goals and then design ad/content/marketing strategies accordingly. It ensures brands have all aspects pre-planned and each employee knows what he/she needs to do to achieve a particular goal.  

Designing: Graphic designing skills are required to refine and edit TikTok videos and create a high-quality end product. You should know how to use basic designing tools like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to edit TikTok posts. 

Community engagement: You should be able to manage people from different backgrounds and different parts of the world to build a strong online community. You should know how to persuade your followers to like and share your posts.  

Behavioral psychology: Consumer behavior is changing fast. You need to keep up with this rapidly changing behavior to ensure your brand is consistently making success. As a TikTok professional, you should know which factors influence your target audience’s behavior and how to use those factors to change their buying decision.

Where to look for TikTok jobs?

Company’s website and social media profile: If you want to have a TikTok job in a particular company, you should follow its social media channels and website to get regular updates about job vacancies. You can also send an email consisting of your CV and portfolio to the administrative team. This way, they will have your CV beforehand when looking for a TikTok professional.

Job boards: There are several reliable online job boards you can use to find a desirable job. Some examples of these boards are Glassdoor, Indeed, CareerBuilder, ZipRecruiter, and Monster.

They have different features helping users find jobs according to their salary expectations, location, skills, and work experience. They are updated every day. Hence, we suggest you explore these job boards every now and then.

TikTok jobs salary in the US

TikTok job salaries vary depending on different factors, including your role or position, work experience, qualifications, market type, company size, etc. Regardless of these factors, you can expect to earn around $54,755 per year in the US.

TikTok job interview questions

It is important to prepare for the TikTok job interview to increase your chances of getting hired. Here are the most common questions interviewers ask job candidates.

  • Introduce yourself.
  • Why did you choose a TikTob job?
  • Tell us about the success rate of the recent strategy that you planned.
  • What do you know about new TikTok trends?
  • Which techniques do you use to increase TikTok post engagement rate?
  • Which tools do you use to edit and record TikTok videos?

Summing it up

TikTok is considered the third largest social media channel in the world (after Facebook and Instagram). Instead of using the platform solely for entertainment purposes, people should also try using it for income purposes.

There are many TikTok job titles, such as TikTok reel producer, TikTok scriptwriter, and TikTok influencer. They all have a high scope as the number of TikTok users is increasing speedily and many businesses are using this platform for marketing purposes. You should pursue a TikTok job that you like the most, or you think you already have the skills required to pursue it.