Metaverse Jobs

Metaverse is a 3D digital world – a replica of the real world – where people use avatars to interact with each other, buy virtual products, and perform different activities. It has brought people together, and created growth opportunities for businesses like never before.

Today, more than 470 million people use metaverse platforms for entertainment purposes. Brands can reach out to them using same metaverse platforms. For this, they need experts who can find new ways to make the most out of the virtual world.

In this article, we have talked about emerging metaverse jobs. We have also mentioned the skills you need to apply for them.

Metaverse jobs

Metaverse is a new concept for brands, but it has still created many job opportunities for people worldwide. Here are the most common metaverse jobs you need to know about.

Programmers: Popular brands like Nike, Samsung, and Coca-Cola are already using metaverse platforms to increase their reach and sales. Many other brands are following the suit for marketing purposes.

Brands need programmers to create digital or virtual products and launch them on a metaverse platform. These programmers can also create a metaverse platform like NIKELAND, launched by NIKE. It allows you to play mini-games and customize your avatar using NIKE digital products.  

Game designers: They design VR games offering features their players expect or demand the most. They use their computer language, animation, and software designing skills to develop a game according to their client’s needs.

Metaverse engineers: They are responsible for increasing the security of blockchain payment transactions. They design and test metaverse software to ensure the final product is fully functional and secure.

Graphic designers: They are hired by brands to help them design attractive virtual products. They use their editing and designing skills to turn an idea into a virtual product.

Marketing experts: These professionals educate brands about different ways to market their products or services on metaverse platforms.

They study brand audiences and see if they are using metaverse. Data shows that most of the metaverse users are millennials and Gen Z. So if the older generation is a brand’s target audience, marketing experts would never recommend them to use metaverse platforms.

Marketing experts also conduct competitor analysis to find how their competitors are using metaverse to interact with their audience. They find opportunities for brands to participate in different ways such as by sponsoring events and building virtual products or stores.

Lead generation specialists: They are a part of the marketing team, where they study consumer behavior and determine how to attract them using the metaverse.

Community managers: Brands are creating large communities of users on metaverse platforms. They hire community managers to establish community policies and make sure community members follow them.

Data analysts: These experts can study and understand complicated data and stats to deduce valuable conclusions. They evaluate how their customers interact with their services or products in metaverse platforms and how they can offer them a better experience. They obtain real-world data and use it for the virtual world.

Brand strategists: They develop metaverse marketing strategies to inform their team members how to sell products or services more effectively to meet company’s goals.

Content creators: Their role is similar to the role of social media influencers. They promote services or products of a brand in different ways. For instance, they may customize their avatar using the brand’s products or discuss its services with other users.

Storytellers: They work with metaverse graphic designers to give a story to visual graphics. They create narratives for virtual games to help metaverse users connect with the brand more effectively.  

Skills you need to apply for metaverse jobs

Computer programming

It is the most important skill metaverse professionals need to have. They should know different computer languages such as Java, SQL, and CSS to develop a metaverse offering numerous features and virtual world experiences.

NFT designing

Brands need NFT developers to design digital assets and sell them on metaverse platforms. It enables them to create a virtual world where people can own one-of-a-kind digital assets and be free to use them however they want.

3D modeling

Metaverse is a 3D world where people interact in different ways. Hence, you need 3D modeling and designing skills to apply for a metaverse job. It will allow you to build appealing environments that give users freedom and a chance to explore new things.

Virtual reality (VR)/augmented-related (AR) development

AR/VR developers have a high demand in the market. They test, develop, and maintain metaverse platforms that are highly interactive and offer an experience that people cannot have in the real world.  

Cyber security

Security in the virtual world is as important as in the real world. Metaverse users are often asked to share sensitive information, including their personal number, address, or bank account details. This information should be kept private and used only after getting the user’s permission.

As a metaverse professional, you should know how to use the latest cybersecurity technologies to make these platforms secure for all.

Graphics and animation

You should know how to draw and create digital models of avatars and virtual products that your target audience demands. You should have an eye for detail to develop high-quality graphics. You should also be proficient in computer graphics software like InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop.

User interface (UI) design

As a UI designer, you should be able to design metaverse interfaces that are friction-free, easy to use, easy to understand, attractive in appearance, and have all the key features.


You should know how you can help a brand increase its sales, awareness, and revenue using metaverse. You should find new advertising opportunities to promote its products and persuade users to take a desirable action.  


You need to be creative to design virtual shops, games, products, etc., according to your brand’s objectives. This skill will allow you to understand the likes and dislikes of your target audience and then create virtual products that appeal to them.

Ethical responsibility

Metaverse professionals should be able to set rules and principles that do not put anyone’s safety at risk. They should ensure metaverse security for all users, no matter what race or country they belong to. Their developed platforms should not be highly addictive. In fact, they should add value to their users’ lives.

Project management

Metaverse developers and professionals often need to perform multiple tasks in a short time span to complete a project. They can complete all tasks on time if they have good project management skills.

Data analysis and management

You need analytical skills to evaluate and handle online data. You should know how to use data analysis tools to study different metrics and note down important results. It will allow you to make better work-related decisions and create result-generating metaverse strategies.

Metaverse job responsibilities

The responsibilities of metaverse jobs vary from role to role. However, they all are about creating an engaging virtual world for users to help them connect with others in an entirely different yet exciting way.

You will have to find different ways to promote your products or services in front of metaverse users. For this, you may have to do the following tasks:

  • Study target audience and understand consumer behavior
  • Design virtual products that your audience wants
  • Communicate with your audience to understand their needs
  • Improve user experience by creating easy-to-use interfaces
  • Conduct data analysis to identify new trends and use them for marketing purposes
  • Build good work relationships with content creators and collaborate with them when the need arises
  • Develop metaverse strategies to inform others what, when, and how to produce

How to get a metaverse job?

  • If you are planning to apply for a metaverse job, you first need to pick a niche. Explore different metaverse roles and choose the one that best suits your interests and skills. For instance, if you like designing, you could try to be an animator and graphic designer. Similarly, if you like telling stories, the metaverse storyteller role might be the right choice for you.

If you are interested in more than one metaverse job and can’t choose one, we suggest you check their scope and trends and pick the one with the highest scope.

  • Now that you have picked a niche, you should start learning relevant skills. Popular metaverse job skills are programming, creativity, blockchain, and NFT designing.
  • Build a strong network by connecting with market experts. Attend metaverse-related seminars and conferences. It will help you find job opportunities and learn from experts.
  • You can also check online job boards and company websites to find metaverse jobs. Write a compelling CV highlighting key skills and your work experience to increase your chances of getting hired.


How can brands use metaverse?

Brands can use metaverse for promotional purposes. Here are the most common ways large companies are using metaverse.

  • Host virtual events and sell tickets online among metaverse users
  • Collaborate with metaverse influencers to reach a wider audience
  • Create their own unique metaverse experience
  • Sell virtual products like avatar costumes

What are the best metaverse websites?

There are different kinds of metaverse websites. Their common examples are:

  • The Sandbox
  • Roblox
  • Metahero
  • GALA
  • Zepeto
  • Decentraland
  • Space Somnium

Is metaverse and virtual reality the same?

Although these terms are related, they are entirely different from each other. Virtual reality (VR) is the name of a technology used to build 3D worlds, while the metaverse itself is a 3D world.

How is metaverse good for us?

Like other technologies, metaverse is good only if it is used the right way. The following points indicate how metaverse is good for us.

  • It is providing people with new social opportunities to connect with others without physical world hurdles.
  • It is creating new marketing, advertising, and growth opportunities for businesses.
  • It offers digital space to people from anywhere in the world and helps reduce travel time.
  • It is generating better educational and work opportunities.   

How to get into the metaverse?

Metaverse is not the real world; hence you cannot exactly get into it. However, there are numerous metaverse platforms. You can use your mobile phone or computer to get access to them. You may need other tools like a VR headset, VR gloves, and AR glasses to make the most out of certain metaverse platforms.

What are the dangers of metaverse?

Enlisted below are the potential risks of metaverse.

  • Since people share sensitive information on these platforms to purchase/sell products, it increases the rate of cybercrimes.
  • Metaverse platforms don’t have rules and punishments similar to the real world, which increases the risk of online harassment and bullying.
  • A metaverse platform needs numerous moderators to ensure its users follow regulations implemented by the platform’s owner.
  • It increases the risk of addiction to digital platforms.

How should brands prepare for metaverse?

Metaverse may not be suitable for all businesses, but it is predicted to influence them in one way or another. 

Brands should be ready to adapt their strategies according to the evolving digital space. Marketers should explore the risks and benefits of including metaverse in their strategies. If the benefits outweigh the risks, they should look for experiences they can create for their target audience. They should hire a metaverse team to let knowledgeable people handle what they do the best.

Who owns the metaverse?

Like the internet, metaverse also has no owner. Large companies, including Facebook, Microsoft, and Samsung, have so far invested a lot in metaverse to reach the younger generation, but they are simply investors, not its owners.  

Summing it up

Gucci, Adidas, and many big names have started using metaverse to interact with their audience in a 3D digital world. While it is still a new thing for brands, career opportunities in metaverse are building up gradually.

More and more companies are now looking for metaverse professionals to target metaverse users and boost their sales. Hence, it is the right time to learn the skills required for metaverse jobs before the competition gets high.