Internet Marketing Coordinator Jobs

Businesses need professionals who can bring direction to their internet marketing efforts and guide teams of writers, designers, and content creators to build websites and social media profiles that reflect a company’s goals and objectives.

This is where internet marketing coordinators come to help. They use their communication and marketing skills to design and execute marketing strategies that get results and fuel business growth.

Internet marketing coordinator career choice offers numerous advantages. Many people are turning to it due to its high demand in the market and the benefits that come with it. 

If you are interested in becoming an internet marketing coordinator, this article will guide you on how to become a marketing coordinator and improve your credibility, knowledge, and skills over time.   

What is an internet marketing coordinator?

An internet marketing coordinator, sometimes called a digital marketing coordinator, is a skilled person whose main role in an organization is to apply different marketing techniques and strategies to help a business achieve its goals, whether it is boosting sales, improving online presence, or increasing the number of followers.

He works with content creators, customer service providers, and the marketing team to make sure the content is produced according to the needs of the company and designed strategy. He spends most of his time on the internet to find the latest trends, understand the campaign results, and gather better content ideas.

What does it take to be an internet marketing coordinator?

An internet marketing coordinator should have the following skills if he wants to get the job and gain success over time.

Content writing

An internet marketing coordinator uses different forms of written content such as emails, social media posts, and web content to run campaigns and interact with different types of audiences. He knows how to write captivating, error-free, and clear content to make a good impression on his audience and drive engagement and clicks.  

Design (graphics & videos)

Research shows that more than 43% of internet users want to watch more videos in the future. It shows the change in content preference trends and the importance of graphics and videos for a business. People who used to like written content before, are now more interested in visual content. 

An internet marketing coordinator should have knowledge of different graphic design tools so he can use them to create innovative visual content for marketing purposes and customer satisfaction. 

Strategy development

An internet marketing coordinator should know how a strategy is designed for promoting products and improving customer communication. You should know how to identify strategic options, set targets, and achieve your objectives using the available resources.

A qualified marketing coordinator can determine if a strategy is performing well or not. He knows how to optimize the strategy according to the preferences of his target audience, brand objectives, and emerging trends.


Since your job is related to marketing, you should be aware of the basic principles of marketing and know the essential techniques. There are different forms of marketing, and you should know at least all the popular ones. 

Some examples of popular kinds of marketing include social media marketing, digital marketing, email marketing, search engine marking, content marketing, video marketing, inbound marketing, and outbound marketing.

Data analysis

A good internet marketing coordinator knows how to analyze conversions, likes, shares, comments, traffic leads, and revenue to draw a conclusion about the performance of marketing strategies and content.

Customer services

Social media platforms are the topmost priority of internet users for customer care. It means social channels make a huge opportunity for internet marketing coordinators to provide excellent customer care.

Since an internet marketing coordinator spends a lot of time dealing with customers, he should have good conversation skills, and he should always be ready to provide suitable solutions to customer problems. 


You should know where to spend project money to make the most of it. Top priority tasks should be allocated more budget compared to the tasks that can be delayed and still won’t make any difference to marketing efforts.  

Behavioral psychology

Data and metrics show which social media or blog posts are getting more attention and which are getting the least attention. If you have behavioral psychology skills, it will be easier to understand the “why” behind this trend. 

You will be able to recognize the reason why people like certain kinds of content. This way, you will be able to use that content more in your strategy and boost your audience engagement.

Project management

As a multi-tasker, as internet marketing coordinator should have excellent project management skills. He should know how to prioritize tasks and complete them before the deadline. He should also know how to assign a particular task to a team member who is the most suitable candidate for it.

Relationship building

You should know how to approach social media influencers, who have become a crucial part of internet marketing, and establish good relationships with them. Statistics show that the influencer marketing industry grew from $9.7 billion in 2020 to $13.8 billion in 2021. This steady growth shows how beneficial it can be for a business to develop strong relationships with influencers.   


When an internet marketing coordinator discovers something new or trendy on the internet, he starts thinking about ways he can add the trend to his strategies to boost his strategy performance and stay ahead in the competition.

Over the years, the most engaging type of content changed from written content to images to videos. An internet marketing coordinator recognizes such trends and does not think twice before making them a part of his strategies.

Duties & responsibilities of an internet marketing coordinator

An internet marketing coordinator performs different duties in an organization. His duties will vary from company to company, but these are the most basic activities that a coordinator performs almost every day.

Develop and implement marketing strategies

It is the responsibility of an internet marketing manager to build and execute marketing strategies. He first sets target goals and then designs a strategy around those goals. The strategy is flexible due to which the coordinator can make adjustments to it at different stages.

Oversee marketing material

He monitors the promotional material and makes sure it is consistent with the marketing strategies. He reviews, edits, and proofreads written content. He makes sure its tone, style, and format match the brand’s voice and image. 

If he finds out that the format is different, he lets the team of writers know about the issue and requests them to sort it out within a specified time.

Publish content on the internet

An internet marketing coordinator gets written and visual content from the content developers. He has access to the company’s social media profiles and official website. So, he posts content on these platforms without causing delays.

He knows how consistent content can help him gain the trust of the target audience, so he never misses a chance. He develops a content calendar to keep things organized and well-managed. Post scheduling allows him to share content even when he is not physically present.

Optimize marketing strategies

Not all strategies produce the results we want them to. Some work, and some may not. If the strategy of an internet marketing coordinator does not produce the desired results, he will look for the flaws or shortcomings and try to adjust them to improve the performance of the strategy. 

He keeps optimizing strategy by adding new things until he starts getting desired results.

Assist sales team

He helps the sales team understand the brand’s personality. He provides them with marketing advice to help them find the most profitable means of product distribution. He may also provide them with the material and data-driver solutions, so they can improve their sales performance.  

Prepare market reports

An internet marketing coordinator analyzes the results of the marketing campaign. He notes down the prominent metrics of the campaign. Some examples of these metrics are the rate of conversion, retention rate, and bounce rate. He arranges the data systematically and creates a report representing complex data in a simple form.

He shares the report with his team to inform them about their performance. He appreciates them if the performance is better than before. But if it has reduced, he will provide them with solutions and ideas to increase performance by making the right content choice.

He shares the same report with the leadership team as well, to inform them about the current strategies and marketing efforts of the team. He gets their insights and later shares them with the team.

Build strategic relationships

An internet marketing coordinator has good communication and conversation skills that he uses to convince people, provide them with solutions, and build strategic relationships.

He values influencers, brand ambassadors, and customers. He listens to their ideas, thoughts, and problems carefully, so he can give an answer that ultimately benefits the company.

Identify and analyze competitors

You cannot just blindly build a strategy and never compare it with others. You have to keep an eye on your competitors to see where you actually stand.

An internet marketing coordinator conducts competitive analysis. He analyses the content and marketing efforts of his competitors and compares them with his team’s efforts. He observes which kind of content the competitor’s audience likes the most. He uses the content idea in his content strategy. 

He adjusts his strategies to stay ahead in a competitive environment.

Organize promotional activities

An internet marketing coordinator is responsible for numerous activities. To perform better and get desired results, he prioritizes his activities. He keeps the most important tasks like content creation and content distribution on the top of the list, so that they do not get delayed no matter what.

Analyze customer’s behavior

The rapid change in technology and the evolution of social media and digital platforms are changing consumers’ behavior fast. People who used to read long social media posts before are now more interested in short, crisp posts, consisting of 2 to 3 lines maximum. In fact, now they prefer visual content over written content.

An internet marketing coordinator observes daily metrics and changes in trends to analyze customers’ behavior. He makes sure his content and strategies are suitable to the changing behavior, so he can maximize his results.

How much does an internet marketing coordinator earn in the US?

According to Glassdoor data, the average total salary of an internet marketing coordinator is around $78,677 per year, consisting of $55,177 base pay per year and $23,500 additional pay per year.

  • The highest salary of an internet marketing coordinator: $332,097
  • The lowest salary of an internet marketing coordinator: $20,369

These are the estimated values calculated using the data submitted by Glassdoor users. Your salary can be higher or lower than these salaries, depending on your experience, education, location, etc.

Zippia suggests that the highest paying cities for the internet marketing coordinator in the US are Saint Paul, Seattle, San Francisco, Hoboken, and New York.

Internet marketing coordinator career path

Like other online jobs, the internet marketing coordinator career also offers many career paths. Some examples of these paths are:

  • Marketing analyst
  • Media coordinator
  • Marketing consultant
  • Social media marketing manager
  • Digital media marketing manager
  • Social media coordinator
  • Digital media coordinator
  • Digital marketing account coordinator
  • Social media account coordinator

Internet marketing coordinator skills for resume

Here are a few skills you can add to your resume for the internet marketing coordinator role.  

  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Search engine marketing
  • Pay-per-click (PPC)
  • Mobile marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Negotiation
  • Creative thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • UX design
  • Data visualization
  • CMS tools
  • CRM

Summing it up

An internet marketing coordinator handles a team of marketing experts. He assigns them different tasks and assists in achieving them. He cooperates with different teams to make sure their marketing efforts produce good results and help meet the company’s internet marketing goals.

If you have leadership qualities and enjoy using different online platforms, you may enjoy the role of an internet marketing coordinator.